It’s all about balance:

the ability to adapt to change, maintaining one’s integrity, kindness, and empathy;
the desire to influence the world around, through direct action and example;
for a legacy of ethical behaviour, kindness, and enjoyment of life and all its wonders.


A development, administration, and finance professional, I have years of experience in the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors. Possessing a keen understanding of operations and data management processes, I apply a collaborative style and strong interpersonal skills to ensure effective delivery of services to stakeholders.


I am a proponent of lifelong learning, combining readings, seminars and formal programs to broaden and deepen my knowledge and skills, ensuring both effective service and enjoyment of the processes in all of my activities. Recent learning activities include non-violent crisis intervention, Raiser’s Edge, solo improvisation, and clown comedy.


It’s a beautiful and wondrous world. In my photography I aim to capture some small element, bring in and hold it close. For examination. For care.

In 2013, I’ve been privileged to participate in two group shows with talented local artists, and I look forward to future group and solo shows. I’ll announce them on these pages. For everyday travels, I also maintain a page on Flickr. All images copyright WRM / Liam Robert Photography unless otherwise attributed..


Give me a ballad and I’ll sing it.  I’ve been adding Jazz and Swing tunes to my repertoire and building the strength and flexibility of my skills under the tremendously talented and caring hands of Jennifer Scott . The future holds performance, writing, refreshing playing skills long dormant, and recording.


Improvisational comedy is about opening oneself to possibilities and having fun while doing so. My next performance as a member of Instant Theatre Company’s Conservatory program is December 16, with an inventive and energetic group of fellows! I’m also currently writing on a number of topics for stand-up comedy, both for my own enjoyment and eventual public absorption.

I’ll update where and when!