Main & 26th

Early bird

I’m an early bird.

Except for first thing in the morning, I like to arrive at my destinations with a few minutes to spare. It ensures that I have time to perform any last-minute necessaries, and can relax both in transit and at my destination. It’s part of my preparation process, you might say.

Main & 26th
Local gallery

One of the most beneficial things about arriving a bit early is simply that it allows me to look around my destination. Looking south of a gallery I attended on Friday last showed me some street art I’d not previously noted.

Main & 26th
Local gallery

Naturally I had to take a moment or five and walk closer. Much of the alley way has been marked, including the power pole.  None might call it brilliant perhaps, but it’s got an energy to it that kept me examining the works until I needed to get to the gallery.

And I like John Cusack

Main & 26th
Local gallery

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