Skate park, Enderby, BC

Enderby Boards

Skate park, Enderby, BC
Skate park, Enderby, BC

I spent much of my Canada Day long weekend about 500 kilometres from home, in the small city of Enderby, BC, having travelled with my cousin to visit old family friends. The trip provided many opportunities for photography, with both of us stopping the car on occasion to get shots – or shouting at the other to stop, and back up a bit.

Canada Day was hot. Oh, more emphasis really is needed there: Canada Day was HOT! We kept our celebrations low-key. A relaxing morning, followed with a tour of the nearby park where the festivities of the day were held. A classic car show dominated much of the park field, and I’ve captured a few here.

Unused to the heat, in a very short time I was ready to get out of the sun, and we headed slowly back to the car. Along the way, in the back corner of the park, I found a small boarding area. It was just a couple of ramps and walls, really, with two young children attempting to run up them. They kept failing and laughing. I stopped to examine and photograph the graffiti on the walls. The art all seemed of the spray-and-run variety, layered one on another.

Skate park, Enderby, BC
Skate park, Enderby, BC
Skate park, Enderby, BC
Skate park, Enderby, BC

I moved on when one of the children asked if I’d help them climb the walls. “Maybe you should get your mom or dad to help you up there. Have fun!”



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